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Classenti ECG-3611 Three Quarter Size Classical Guitar (3/4)

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Children are often learning on the wrong size guitar! Many parents - and sometimes guitarists that should know better - give the young student the wrong size. Before you buy a classical guitar, check with your teacher first. Three quarter size classical guitars are normally used by the younger player (8-11 years old) depending on their height and arm length. Buy the Classenti 3/4 size classical guitar and you will be sure of a very decent instrument for your child. Children progress at a much faster pace than others if they are given a quality guitar to start with. The three quarter (3/4) size classical guitar is made from the same materials as the full and half size models.

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Strings: Nylon
Top board: Spruce plywood
Back & sides: Linden plywood
Fretboard: Maple wood
Colour: Natural
Dimensions: Length 92 cm, Width 34.25 cm, Depth 8.75 cm
Packing Box: 94 cm x 39.5 cm x 10.5 cm

It is important to choose the right size guitar for your children. Learning to play on the wrong size guitar can lead to slow progress, frustration with lessons and most importantly poor technique.

Check out the following size chart:

Age       Height      Guitar Size
11+     5' or taller       Full
8-11    4'6" to 4'11"    3/4
5-8     3'10" to 4'5"    1/2
3-5     3'3" to 3'9"      1/4

If your child is in between sizes then it is best to go for the larger size. If your child has long arms then they will probably need the larger size.

Ask your guitar teacher if you have any doubt which size guitar to buy.

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